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Web Development:

In the past twenty years, we have been developing Web sites for local businesses, cartoonists, community members, and others. Web development has been under 3WD—World Wide Web Designs, but that domain was recently purchased, so its services are being folded under Story Insights. If you have interest in having a Web site developed, please contact us at

Here are some of the sites we have done:



Baby Blues
Check out the daily antics of Wanda, Daryl, Zoe, and Hammie as Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott offer up their humorous outlook on parenthood.

A place where chicks rule. A place where ketchup is a dietary staple. A place where losers and wiener dogs reign supreme. A place where it’s okay to scoff in the face of corporate dress codes, follow the inverted food pyramid and drink too much coffee… all the while puzzling over life’s large unanswered questions.

Kaz Fun
Cartoons and puzzles from Kaz.

Mongomery Smith
For over twenty-five years Montgomery Smith Inc. has been providing professional services for the preservation of historic greenhouses and conservatories throughout North America, as well as design services for the construction of new greenhouse structures for research, education, and public facilities.

Pooch Café
All things Pooch. Quite the blog!

Speed Bump
Wanna laugh? Check out Dave Coverly’s latest cartoons. His syndicated panel, Speed Bump, has some of his latest wry and witty observations on life.