Welcome to my project portfolio. After years of developing stories, Web sites, videos, audio tapes, and more, I thought it might be a good idea to make some of them available online. There are only a few examples here, but they are fairly representative of what I have been doing over the past few years.

Contact me at shermism@storyinsights.com if you have any questions or would like to know more about these samples.


The Keys to Leadership: From Teed Off to Tuned In

What makes a successful leader?

The Credibility Gap; Coaching Quandaries

How to build credibility and coach effectively

The Game

The Jones Lang Lasalle path to success

Disaster Volunteer Self-Care

Disaster response doesn’t “just happen”


Mission-critical communication

The Development Scenario: The WisdomTools Story

Client services, up close and personal

Team Leader Coaching Tools and Techniques

Team-building and effective coaching go hand in hand

Ethics in Our Workplace

The difference between can and should

Connect and Teach with Play

Families can be fun!

CHRISP: Making the Most of It

All about CHRISP (Common Human Resources Information System Programme)

Reality Television: Cable and Broadcast

Provides business consultants with a broad overview of television production

Distribution and Data

What are the odds that Kellogg students will prevail?

Leading in a Global World

Thinking globally

The Forgotten Half of Change

The only constant . . .

Reinsurance Basics

Treaty talk

You Are a Pathmaker: A Teacher’s Guide to College Access

Educators can make or break kids’ academic futures.

Seeing How the Details Translate into Safety and Service

Metrics matter

Teaching in College: TA edition

Learning to teach and teaching to learn

Marketing Management Leadership Workshop

The skills that click for consultants

Forum Sales Negotiations Scenario

Sealing the deal . . . smoothly



    Although I don’t do many voices that I like, I do like my “cheesy TV salesperson” voice that I did for a client who wanted a game show host sound for this ethical game.