Welcome to my project portfolio. After years of developing stories, Web sites, videos, audio tapes, and more, I thought it might be a good idea to make some of them available online. There are only a few examples here, but they are fairly representative of what I have been doing over the past few years.

Contact me at shermism@storyinsights.com if you have any questions or would like to know more about these samples.


Teaching in College: TA edition

Learning to teach and teaching to learn

The Bride and the Ironman

Unraveling a complex and nuanced situation

Crossing the Cultural Divide

What cultural competence is–and isn’t

The Forgotten Half of Change

The only constant . . .

The Development Scenario: The WisdomTools Story

Client services, up close and personal

Connect and Teach with Play

Families can be fun!

Where’s the Value in Evaluation?

How to know whether the job’s being done right

Team Leader Coaching Tools and Techniques

Team-building and effective coaching go hand in hand

Ethics in Our Workplace

The difference between can and should

Consulting Skills Case Study

Communicating with your team and with your clients

Teaching at The Art Institute

The art of teaching art

Disaster Volunteer Self-Care

Disaster response doesn’t “just happen”

Reality Television: Cable and Broadcast

Provides business consultants with a broad overview of television production

Forum Sales Negotiations Scenario

Sealing the deal . . . smoothly

The Keys to Leadership: From Teed Off to Tuned In

What makes a successful leader?

Distribution and Data

What are the odds that Kellogg students will prevail?

The Guardian

The digital difference

The Credibility Gap; Coaching Quandaries

How to build credibility and coach effectively

Marketing Management Leadership Workshop

The skills that click for consultants

Reinsurance Basics

Treaty talk



    Although I don’t do many voices that I like, I do like my “cheesy TV salesperson” voice that I did for a client who wanted a game show host sound for this ethical game.